Eye Makeup – Do It Right!

Many people, both men and women, rely on cosmetics for various reasons.  For some it’s a much needed boost of confidence that can lead to better performance on the job.  For others, applying makeup is either a profession or just a hobby.  I mean who doesn’t like to play dress up with mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow? Whatever the reason, I can’t stress the importance of being careful. Eye makeup can be potentially hazardous and can lead to an eye infection and/or injury if the right precautions aren’t taken.

Kaushi’s Recommendations:

Out with the old & in the new!

Be knowledgeable of the expiration date of your makeup. Did you know mascara has the shortest shelf life of all the beauty products? Its best practice to replace your mascara every 2-3 months. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, infection-causing bacteria grow easily on creamy or liquid eye make up such as mascara or eyeliner.

Sharing is not caring!

Although we were always taught to share, eye makeup is one of the things you should keep to yourself. When you share eye makeup, you can also share germs. Similarly, it’s also a good idea to avoid using the “testers” at retail stores, which can be breeding grounds for bacteria.

So fresh and so clean!

Wash your hands before applying eye makeup. If you apply eye makeup with dirty hands, bacteria and viruses can enter your body.

Wash your face and remove all makeup with a clean cotton swab at night before sleeping. If you use a makeup remover around your eyes, thoroughly wash off the remover.

Avoid using eye cosmetics if you have an eye infection.

Avoid using any eye makeup if you develop an eye infection, such as conjunctivitis or pink eye. Consult with Dr. Patel at Eye Care Solutions immediately if you suspect an infection.


Avoid contact with contacts.

If you wear contact lenses, it’s especially important to use caution when applying eye makeup. Eyes can become dry and irritated, and cosmetics can leave deposits on your lenses, affecting your vision and the comfort of your lenses. Below are some general rules to keep in mind:

  • Insert contact lenses prior to applying make-up. This prevents residue transfer
  • If your eyes feel dry, use over-the-counter moisturizing drops prior to make-up application
  • Remove both makeup and contacts before going to bed.
  • Always remove contacts prior to removing make-up

In summary, make sure that when you’re putting on eye makeup, you are aware of your eye health, as well. Using a little caution when choosing and applying eye makeup will help ensure your eyes both look and feel great.

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