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You don’t have to suffer with dry, red and/or irritated eyes. Experienced optometrist Dr. Vishal Patel treats dry eyes and other symptoms to get you the relief you deserve. Call Eye Care Solutions in Milton, Georgia, to learn more, or book an appointment online with Dr. Patel today.

Dry Eyes Q & A

What are the risk factors for dry eyes?

Dry Eye Syndrome is a multifactorial disease that affects many Americans every day.  Specific factors increase your risk for developing this eye condition, including:

  • Age, especially if you are older than 65
  • Certain medications
  • Autoimmune disorders, including rheumatoid arthritis
  • Being a woman
  • Exposure to smoke, wind, and dry climates
  • Eye surgery
  • Long-term use of contact lenses
  • Having thyroid problems, diabetes, or other chronic health conditions

How are dry eyes diagnosed?

Dr. Patel helps you determine the underlying causes of your dry eyes. He’ll go over your medical history and complete a comprehensive eye exam, as well as run various tests to help determine the type of dry eye disease you have. He may also measure the volume of your tears.

What are the symptoms of dry eyes?

Dry eyes can be a seasonal disease that often flare up during certain times of the year when allergens such as pollen or ragweed are more prevalent in the air. If you have seasonal allergies, you’ll probably experience such symptoms as:

  • Dry eyes
  • Itchy eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Bags under the eyes

Dr. Patel helps diagnose and treat symptoms related to your dry eyes, especially if they are due to seasonal allergies.

How are dry eyes treated?

Dr. Patel works with you to come up with a treatment plan for dry eyes and other allergy symptoms that works best with your lifestyle. If you have chronic dry eyes, he may recommend:

  • Over-the-counter eye drops
  • Prescription eye drops or ointments

For severe dry eyes, Dr. Patel may recommend tear duct plugs or other minimally invasive surgical options.

Dr. Patel may also suggest lifestyle changes to reduce symptoms of dry eyes. These may include smoking cessation, cutting back on screen time, protecting your eyes from UV radiation, increasing air humidity at home or work, drinking plenty of water, and boosting your omega-3 fatty acid intake, either from foods or supplements.

When you’re ready to ease dry eye symptoms and eliminate discomfort, call Eye Care Solutions in Milton, Georgia, today to discuss treatment options with Dr. Patel, or book an appointment online.